Teeth Whitening in San Marino and Glendale, CA

Teeth whitening is a fast, effective way to improve the aesthetics of your smile. It can transform a dull smile into a brilliant white smile in as little as two hours! It’s an easy, painless solution that will result in a pearly white smile.

Professional Teeth Whitening vs. OTC Whitening

The answer to a beautiful white smile is hard to find in products that can be purchased at a store or online. Dr. Anderson offers a variety of teeth-whitening options at our San Marino and Glendale offices. To begin, you will meet with the doctor for an initial consultation. After listening to your concerns and goals and performing an examination of your teeth and gums, we will decide which treatment will achieve the results you desire.

OTC whitening may seem like a less expensive choice, but like many things in life, you get what you pay for. Some risks of OTC whitening may include tooth sensitivity, and possible damage to the roots of teeth. OTC whitening products are also less effective than professional whitening treatments.

Dr. Anderson uses Philips Zoom Whitening, professional whitening only available from your dentist.

If you decide that professional teeth whitening is right for you, you’ll need one 2 hour in-office appointment. Prior to your 2 hour visit, you will need to begin brushing with sensitive toothpaste, so that you can prepare your enamel prior to the appointment. Then, at the two-hour appointment, we will begin by taking impressions to create your at home kit and review all instructions, then we will be taking before photos, and isolating the gums to avoid any sensitivity before beginning the whitening process. Once complete, we will also take after photos so you can see the difference in your new smile.

The best way to begin any teeth-whitening regimen is to schedule an appointment and talk to Dr. Anderson about your options. We look forward to helping you achieve the white, bright smile you’ve always wanted!